5 Jobs a Private Investigator Can Do for You

5 Jobs a Private Investigator Can Do for You

Fiction often portrays private investigators very differently to how they are in real life. Which has lead to some confusion as to what exactly a private investigator can do. What do their jobs entail? In this article we will be going over the 5 most predominant jobs a private investigator can do. We will be looking at how they can help you with a specific case, and how they would go about doing this.

What can a Private Investigator do?

It is not uncommon for private investigators to gather information about businesses or witnesses. It is wise for a company to want to know more about who they are going into business with, and if any of these possible business transactions will be safe, or worthwhile.

In the context of a case, looking into the background of a witness is paramount to making sure they are reliable. Below are a few things PIs can do.

Background checks and Evidence

  • Background checks: This is the most frequently requested service of private investigators. Looking into someone’s background can go into a lot of detail, and delve into various aspects of a person or company’s life. It most often involves the search of public databases, that at times require a license to operate. They can look into the financial history of an individual or group. Background checks can even be used when hiring someone new, for a particularly sensitive position. Even landlords at times make use of background checks, to make sure they are bringing in the right tenants to their property.
  • Evidence: Private investigators can play crucial roles in court cases. They can help collect and present information in court. From social media checks, to investigation into the opposition.

Interviews, Surveillance and Tracking

  • Interviewing witnesses: Private investigators can help compile witness testimonies, as well as, interview them. This is a very important process in court. A private investigator can also help with acquiring an expert witness testimonial.
  • Surveillance: Surveillance can be crucial to a case, or after a case. For example, in a child custody case. A PI can use surveillance to ensure that a parent is meeting the agreed-upon terms of a child custody case.
  • Tracking someone down: Whether it be a missing persons case or tracking down a witness or suspect, a PI can be incredibly helpful in this regard. They help deliver subpoenas and track down whom the subpoena corresponds to. Private investigators can also help you find an important witness, whose testimony could completely change the outcome of a case or trial.

When Can a Private Investigator Help?

If you are in need of acquiring information, a private investigator is certainly a good option. A private investigator can help uncover concerns you might have about a business partner, or look into a dubious witness. A PIs skills are especially effective when collecting, finding and piecing together information. This could play a critical role in the outcome of your case, or save you from going into business with the wrong company or individual.

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