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Welcome to Advantage Investigations.We can help with process Servers, property and casualty brokers and life, accident and health insurance agents.

We have the means to carry out detailed investigations and provide thorough results. We are experts in full background and testimonial history checks and possess a keen eye when it comes to attention to detail, particularly when reviewing video surveillance and confidential telephone information. We provide accurate reporting on an array of potentially questionable indicators such as motor vehicle information (all fifty states), pre-employment background profiles, welfare record information, public utility information and unemployment records to name just a few. We are also very hands-on when dealing with locating witnesses and conducting interviews to obtain statements and any other form of desired presentable evidence. For more detailed information on each service, please visit our services pages.

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When a case goes to trial, we offer comprehensive in-court support to trial counsel. Our services, tailored to the needs of each case, can include serving last-minute subpoenas, scheduling or rescheduling witnesses, and conducting background searches on witnesses. We assist attorneys with any necessary tasks on a day-to-day basis to ensure a smooth and efficient trial process.

In-court support to trial counsel

Our dedicated team works closely with attorneys to handle various critical tasks that arise during the trial.


Including last-minute subpoenas, the scheduling or rescheduling of witnesses, and performing background searches on witnesses.


By taking care of these essential responsibilities, we allow trial counsel to focus on presenting their case effectively and persuasively.




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Financial Success, Built on a Foundation of Trust. Our team has a proven track record of success and is dedicated to helping you achieve financial stability and security.
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