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Background Checks: Social Media

People often make use of background checks or screenings to acquire criminal, financial, and commercial records. Individuals and/or organizations can acquire these. Employers, for example, often request these kinds of checks. Usually, if they wish to take a candidate onboard for a high-security position. Or, at times, even one that has greater levels of responsibility.

For instance, positions in courthouses, hospitals, government, financial institutions or roles which require working with children.

It is often the case that private investigators or agencies are in charge of performing these checks. That is to say, they might look into a candidate’s past employment, credit, and even criminal history. Essentially, these checks are used to help employers verify if someone fits the role. Are they fit to fulfill it, are their qualifications apt, is their character a match, or could hiring them be a risk to the company? Since it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure their workspace is a safe environment for everyone, it is important they are thorough. Otherwise they are liable for any repercussions that may arise from a new hire.

Where does social media come into background checks?

Today’s social media landscape has made reviews crucial to making an informed decision as an individual or a consumer. And so it is the same when employing someone, to perform a social media background check. It enables an employer to verify they are making the best possible decision. It allows them to corroborate information.

Moreover, social media checks are the norm today when employing someone. A full pre-employment background check is not complete without one. These are services offered here at Advantage Investigations; thorough and in-depth social media checks. Basically, performing a social media investigation can bring to light current interests, activities and associations of a person, and even shed some light on their character or motivations.

Best practices

Now looking into someone’s social media history might seem simple, a job perhaps done by just about anyone. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are looking to hire someone, you are most likely aware of laws and proceedings pertinent to background checks. Best practices are important to consider.

Do not look at protected class information of any candidate. This includes but is not limited to race, religion, age, sex disabilities, medical histories and so on. The best and easiest way to avoid this is hiring a third neutral party to screen on your behalf. They can investigate in your stead removing any risk of you, as the hiring party, to take in any of this protected information. And in so doing protecting the candidates privacy. and avoiding any breaches of privacy.

Make sure employees and applicants have given you written consent to perform these checks. Overall it is most important that any social media screening policies put in place meet the same criteria for all. These measures must maintain equality and fairness in the recruitment process. Hiring a third party to help with these matters is the standard, to help avoid complications and keep the ship running tight for everyone.

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