Skip Tracing and How PIs Use Them

Skip Tracing and How PIs Use Them

Before we tackle skip tracing, we must understand what a ‘skip’ is. A skip is a missing person, whose presence the court may require for an essential legal procedure. Tracking down someone that’s gone missing can be a complex and lengthy process. Fortunately, private investigators are experts in tracking people down.

PIs are excellent at acquiring any and all information available on the subject at hand. They would begin by collecting credit reports, for instance. As well as, other information that would reveal the whereabouts of the ‘skip’ and any additional relevant information concerning them. Like their employment history, utility bills, social security information and performing criminal background checks. That would also include sifting through their social media profiles, these usually contain useful data and info.

How do PIs use this information to find someone?

The sources of data and information mentioned above are only some of the ones private investigators can gain access to. PIs undertake a review process with them, which entails an in-depth analysis of the available data.

This, in turn, would help to reveal the potential location of the subject. However, it’s not always that easy.

At times, private investigators have to resort to social engineering. Social engineering consists of investigating those around and related to the subject, or in this case, ‘skip.’ For example, visiting the subject’s neighbors. In an instance such as this, the PI may have to ask questions to said neighbors under false pretences. Otherwise, they may not acquire the necessary information to find them.

Skip tracing doesn’t stop at the first subject though. At times, it is necessary to go further.

Third-party skip tracing

Sometimes it is not enough to search for the subject and acquire information only on them. There are often situation where a private investigator may require looking into those related to or surrounding the original ‘skip.’

This would mean performing the same investigation and analyzing the acquired information just as thoroughly. In order to ascertain the location of the original subject or someone who might be able to provide crucial information about them.

All in all, as you can see, skip tracing is a very time-consuming prospect. Hiring a private investigator for this task is the best way to go about it. They will save you time and money on your case. They will make sure to find the ‘skip’ and make sure they comply with their legal duties relevant to your case.

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