Challenging cases can often leave attorneys spread too thin, that is where private investigators can offer their services to lighten the load. Many of these important services include serving subpoenas to an elusive subject. Other services include locating witnesses or finding the right expert witness.

With their help attorneys can run a more efficient and effective case. A private investigator’s support can make all the difference in a wide variety of situations at court.

How can a private investigator’s services make a difference?

First, we should go more in-depth on the impact of each of their services, and how they can contribute to your case:

Surveillance and intellectual property theft

Surveillance is one of the most important services a private investigator can offer. It is an essential part of their core skills. Before you commit to a specific PI for this task, however, make sure they can fulfil all the necessary criteria for the kind of surveillance you need.

Some subjects are difficult to find, or at times even witnesses may prove to be uncooperative. This may require some kind of surveillance in public places. Said skill is also a crucial part of evidence collection.

For example, PIs can help you get to the bottom of a personal injury investigation or worker’s compensation case. They can survey the scene of the occurrence or even the subject claiming compensation. Or they can help you find a missing person, in this context, PIs may have to survey areas where the subject has frequented. They might even need to survey those related to them or whom they are known to spend time with, if not directly enquire said people concerning the subject of investigation.

Intellectual property theft investigations are a serious undertaking too. These may require all of the skills mentioned above as well as other more specific tasks.

These kinds of investigations would even require digital surveillance, which has become more and more important over the years. Social media checks, for instance, can be an example of this, as well as, other online activity.

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